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Services From Elite GTA Movers

Residential or Domestic Movers in Toronto

Elite GTA Movers brings years of expertise to guarantee that your products are delivered to your Residence as fast and reliably as possible. Our team of professionals manage every aspect of your Residential or Domestic transportation and packaging needs.

We provide the range of personalized solutions that customers are searching for in a delivery service. You can trust our Residential Moving Company / Commercial Moving Company when you need professional Residential or Domestic movers to safely transport your belongings to or from any place in Toronto or the surrounding areas, whatever the destination.

All shipments in your home are securely wrapped using our perfect techniques and methods, including the use of high-quality packing materials and attentive loading into our extremely clean, regularly checked, and inspected moving vehicles. When we get to your location, we make sure that everything is safely loaded and placed in the proper position to meet your demands. If it is necessary to keep something over for an extended period, we have everything necessary to ensure that it is stored correctly and successfully.

To get started with Residential and domestic move, follow these steps:

Commercial or Office Movers in Toronto

We understand how complicated and challenging office moves can be. Our expertise, training, and attention to detail will guarantee that your office move is completed professionally with the least disturbance to your business as possible.

Elite GTA Movers is the best Office Movers if you need to store any of your belongings. We provide a cost-effective and guaranteed safe option to store almost anything. Elite GTA Movers are here to make sure your business relocation runs as smoothly as possible. We handle the entire relocation process professionally from start to end, working with you to make the move as stress-free as possible.

When it comes to Packing Boxes and Supplies in Toronto your company’s assets, such as office furniture, laboratory equipment, electronics, manufacturing machinery, or any other related office move, our experts and specialists are next to none. We ensure that your belongings are successfully relocated to your new location.

Carrying it out requires careful planning and collaboration, which has been the basis of our long-term success in the business. We take the time to create a practical move strategy that is meant to reduce disruptions in your commercial organization.

We understand that you want to keep a lot of things confidential. This is not an issue because Elite GTA Movers has a legal confidentiality provision in place for all workers and professionals that must be followed by all team members. Our team is committed to successfully packing, loading, and caring for all of your business assets during a move.

To get started with commercial or office move, these are the steps:

Wrapping Packing

Elite GTA Movers provide a thorough packing and loading service for everything that has to be properly packed into a box. You won’t have to lift a finger since we will thoroughly pack everything in your home and place it wherever you choose once we get to your new home. We have everything you need to keep your belongings safe all the time.

As we completely pack every item, our trained team can accurately expect the amount of packing goods required for your residential or commercial move, reducing waste.

We Office Movers in Toronto aim to carry your things properly on our vehicle, allowing our team of movers to pack your belongings with assured safe transportation and any payment for any damages. Boxes are tagged correctly and will be carefully put into the vehicle to guarantee the safest possible transportation.

At Elite GTA Movers, our main focus is on helping you move, no matter on the size and complexity

All items in your household are carefully packaged using our innovative procedures and methods, including using our top-notch packing materials and loading them with utmost care on to our clean and regularly checked and inspected moving trucks.
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Single Item moves

Need a single or a few items moved?
Elite GTA Movers are ready to help!
Athletic, non-smoking and caring moving professionals.


Whether you're downsizing, planning renovations or just need extra space, Elite GTA Movers offers storage units of various sizes to accommodate any needs and budgets. Our storage units are clean and maintained clean. Besides being individually locked, the whole premises is under 24 hour well lit surveillance. You can rest assured that your belongings are always safe. Every unit is climate controlled so you don't have to worry about delicates such as paintings, wood furniture or any other climate sensitive materials. With the aforementioned security at our location, you of course have access to your belongings at anytime. Dollies and trolleys are abound and accessible for your convenience as well.


Did you already book a truck, but need some professional manpower to load/unload it?
Elite GTA Movers will gladly dispatch our elite team to aid!


One of the most tedious aspects of moving is of course packing. Fortunately, Elite GTA Movers have you covered. From books to toys to electronics, we have a packing solution for everything in your home. We offer top grade, professional boxes of all sizes and accompanying quality of tapes to make sure everything is packed and secure. For your more sensitive belongings, we offer bubble wraps, PVC shrink rolls, Mattress coverings, TV Specific boxes and more.

Piano Moving Specialists

Elite GTA Movers have extensive experience in moving the following types of pianos:
  • Spinets
  • Consolettes
  • Consoles
  • Studio
  • Full size/professional
  • Petite Grand
  • Baby Grand
  • Living room/parlor/medium Grand
  • Ballroom/semi-concert Grand
  • Concert Grand
  • Square Grand/Square
  • Electric/Digital
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Professional pool table movers

Pianos are not the only heavy and delicate items in homes which require a special attention, but so do the billiard tables. Pool tables require special disassembly, and a team of physically fit and professional movers to safely wrap and maneuver the pool table around the house. Improper wrapping, packaging, or security in the truck may damage the pool table and leave scratches and dents. To avoid these problems, call Elite GTA Movers who have vast experience disassembling, securing and moving pool tables.
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