When should I book with a moving company?

Moving is a high demand business so we always recommend that you schedule a move with us as soon as possible. 8 weeks out is an ideal time frame.

I threw out my TV box when I bought it. Do you have any custom boxes I can purchase?

We have you covered. We have boxes specifically for safely transporting televisions or any other sensitive electronics.

How much will it cost to book professional movers?

We have a set price for the truck and a base start price beginning with 2 movers per hour. For larger moves, we have options of bringing additional crew members at a slight increase of the hourly rate.

How long will it take?

When we asses your items, we can give you an approximation of time. Keep in mind that the more crew we have on hand, the faster the move should take. We will go through all your options prior to you making an official booking with us so that you feel secure in what your best option is.

Should I do anything before you guys come?

For the sake of time efficiency we do ask that you be as prepared as possible for when moving day comes. We will talk you through the process and offer you everything you need to be ready. We have all the packing supplies that you would require so that when our team comes to your home, they can begin to load your belongings immediately.

What about my large items like furniture?

To keep all your items safe from damage, our team will wrap your furniture and larger items using our own proven methods. Whether it be entertainment sets, crib, sofas, dressers, vanities, etc. our team will securely cover, load and deliver them with care.

How many boxes do I need?

Our agents have seen it all. House, apartment, office, etc. We will recommend an expert estimation of what exactly you will need. Number of boxes, sizes and all the necessary supplies to make sure everything is securely packed.

Why should I buy from you instead of going to any store that sells the same products?

Our services are specifically made with your move in mind. From our boxes, to our tapes, to our stretch wraps, we only carry the highest quality products that professional, high graded moving companies use. Also, because you can get bundle packages, you can rest assured that you are getting the best price.

I need a lot of supplies! Can someone bring them to my home?

Absolutely!! We offer box/supplies delivery right to your doorstep! Once your order is established, you can arrange delivery date and time through our website or speak with one of our agents. You have the convenience of paying upon delivery directly with our driver, once they have delivered your order.

Do I have to order a minimum amount of any of your products?

Do I have to order a minimum amount of any of your products?

Does it really matter to use different size boxes?

It does make quite a difference depending on what’s going in the boxes. Fragile items for example should be stored in smaller boxes so they’re tight and secure. Large or bulky items become more uniformed once stored properly in a larger box. Remember that space and capacity play a big part when you move so you want to maximize this as much as you can.

How do you know if all my stuff will fit in your truck?

With our vast experience, we can accurately asses what size of transport truck you will need. Another crucial reason to book well ahead of time is to assure that we have the right truck available for you. One of our team members will require an inventory list so that we have a clear idea what services you will need.